A safe and secure platform for monitoring transactions, holding customer records, streamlining reporting requirements and ensuring successful audits for reporting entities.


An end to end payment approval system that STOPS fraud in its tracks!

Vigilance streamlines internal controls

Ensures “smart” payment review and authorisation processes exist.

We stop fraud before it’s too late!

We protect organisations from internal and external payment fraud, ensuring the accuracy of your payment details

Covid-19 or not, payment security and compliance continues and so do we at Vigilance. Contact us now to learn more about either our AML/CFT Compliance platform or our fraud protection solution that keeps your business safe from internal and external fraudsters.

PCI-DSS Complaint

View our Whiteboard explainer video & book a consultation today!

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Our 4 minute whiteboard explainer video will take you through step by step what organisations current payment approval processes look like and what is considered to be best practice. We explain the flaws and gaping holes within these processes, how businesses are being exposed to risks in this process and why it is in fact, not best practice. Risks in current processes include, Data Manipulation, Phishing & Whaling scams, Falsified Invoices, Email hacking and General human error, to mention a few.

Vigilance works to close these gaps and put the control back in your hands by mitigating these risks in 3 ways;

  • Segregation of duty,
  • Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning to scan and validate EVERY transaction line and alerting you to anomalies which include duplicated payments, employee bank account number in a creditor batch file, etc and, 
  • Proactively Auditing, Monitoring & Reporting in REAL-TIME before the money even leaves your bank account.

If you'd like to discuss your level of exposure and the role that Vigilance plays in filling the gaps in your payment approval process, get in touch with us on 09 320 0262 or email to organise a consultation or demo of the software in action. 

Some of the many accounting systems Vigilance is compatible with

Some of the many payroll systems Vigilance is compatible with

Case Studies

Neil Turner of Triac Sound and Lighting Ltd went public about his $147k fraud in the hope that he could educate others about how simple it is to be defrauded of your hard-won cash.

Craig Kirk of Delta Insurance, who specialise in cyber insurance, talks about the many fraud cases he sees and the damage businesses suffer as a consequence of not having robust approval processes in place.

Steve Corbett gives his feedback as a Vigilance user and insights from being a KPMG Partner with an industry understanding of the need to have best practice in place to protect any organisation.

Key Offerings

Payment validation

When approving high numbers of transactions, it’s not humanly possible to check payees’ bank accounts are correct or that a vendor or employee’s payment details are correct. Vigilance does this prior to the payments leaving the account, catching any human error and possible fraudulent payments.

Automated vendor on-boarding

We all get busy at times and manual processes are not always followed so why not invite your suppliers to onboard themselves! With Vigilance, you can invite vendors to self-onboard through our secure portal that validates their information using Government data.

Payment risk detection

All transactions carry some level of risk whether it’s poor spending, duplicate payments or fraud. Vigilance performs continuous analysis on your payment data by looking for patterns and anomalies that don’t add up and reports these in a meaningful Audit and Risk Report.

Sub 60min implementation

Vigilance does not need to integrate with your existing accounting systems and is suitable for most businesses that use the batch or bulk payment method when processing payments. By completing a few simple steps, your organisation will be up and running with Vigilance in no time!

Little change to workflow

Implementing Vigilance into your payments processing workflow requires very little change to user processes. It is an enhancement to existing processes and ensures consistency for each step in the payment approval process.

Simple to use

Vigilance is an intuitive and secure enhancement that removes inconsistencies in the payment approval process and gives all stakeholders confidence that best practice is being followed at all times.