Case Studies from Clients



Steve Corbett CEO ecentre from 2001 – 2016 and current CEO of AUT Ventures talks about the benefits he found using Vigilance from a governance perspective.





Neil Turner of TRIAC Lighting & Sound went public about his $146,000 fraud not to name and shame his trusted employee but to bring attention to all business people that fraud is a real risk in your business.

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John Waugh LLM (Hons) CFTP has spent 23 years in banking in both New Zealand and Australia And has practised as a solicitor in both Auckland and Sydney where he was a specialist in banking and finance. John shares his experience of seeing many fraud cases first hand.




Craig Kirk Co-founder and Director of Delta Insurance Group operate in New Zealand and Singapore. specialising in the technology and cyber risk space. Delta Insurance is an approved Coverholder of Lloyd’s of London. Craig shares what he has witnessed in fraud in recent times.