To the Virtual Chief Finance Officer (VCFO)

A powerful tool that gives you insight remotely

The accounting world is changing fast and with the automation of a lot of the compliance processes, accountants are freed up to focus on more strategic elements of an organisation’s finances. Cloud-based financial systems have also made it possible for accountants to take on the new role of the Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO). This has paved the way for smaller organisations to afford the appointment of a CFO in a part-time capacity often remotely to suit the needs of the organisation as it grows and introduces better governance around the finance of the business.

Vigilance is the perfect tool to support the VCFO, giving them secure access to financial transaction data from the accounting systems without necessarily having direct access to the ERP or Banking platform.

If you are a VCFO, then give us a call to arrange an online presentation and we will show you how you can leverage Vigilance as a tool to provide even better service to your clients.

“Today’s increasingly complex digital business environment offers new opportunities for both fraudsters and fraud management experts. However, fraudsters are often one step ahead in the digital fraud race. Vigilance, through its systematic and proactive approach to fraud management, is immensely useful in safeguarding organisations against fraud”

– Ahmed Saleh, Forensics, Auditing and Assurance Lecturer at Wintec