Case Studies

Neil Turner of TRIAC Lighting & Sound went public about his $146,000 fraud not to name and shame his trusted employee but to bring attention to all business people that fraud is a real risk in your business. Read more…

Steve Corbett CEO ecentre from 2001 – 2016 and current CEO of AUT Ventures talks about the benefits he found using Vigilance from a governance perspective.

John Waugh LLM (Hons) CFTP has spent 23 years in banking in both New Zealand and Australia And has practised as a solicitor in both Auckland and Sydney where he was a specialist in banking and finance. John shares his experience of seeing many fraud cases first hand.


Craig Kirk Co-founder and Director of Delta Insurance Group operate in New Zealand and Singapore. specialising in the technology and cyber risk space. Delta Insurance is an approved Coverholder of Lloyd’s of London. Craig shares what he has witnessed in fraud in recent times.



“Vigilance has provided us with peace of mind, We used to spend countless hours looking over our transactions and ensuring everything was above board, but Vigilance has made things much simpler to keep on top of. It has helped us to streamline our processes and now, instead of requiring a lengthy email confirmation chain, I am able to finalise a pay run and send it out to be authorised easily. I then get notified when authorisation is given and thus, it makes things operate more efficiently.

Since the implementation of Vigilance, The primary benefit that I can identify is the streamlined payments structure. We have been able to transition from a series of emails that were hard to track, to a very intuitive and easy to track pay run system which also provides us with additional information on changes that may have occurred since the last payment.

If you are experiencing troubles with regards to payments authorisation being slow or simply feel that you may be vulnerable to exploitation and fraudulent activities by your employees then, Personally, I feel that Vigilance is a good solution to this. They have consistently been helpful and quick to reply to any and all queries I had, and they even helped us by implementing functionality with our other bank’s exported pay run file format. Customer service was outstanding.”

– Nicholas Peebles, Accountant

“Vigilance has definitely been helpful to Anexa, we’ve picked up on anomalies which could’ve been missed prior to using Vigilance. It has been valuable in providing a way to catch errors. In terms of Development and rolling out new features, Vigilance continues to add value and I foresee, the direction they’re headed will be beneficial to our business. I am planning to do big data cleanse, using the supplier feature to validation of my suppliers through Vigilance. It’s a great, intuitive system and I would recommend this Fraud Detection service, particularly when thinking of doing a bit of a temperature test on how well you know your payments and how tight your controls are.”

– Matt Kibble, Commercial Manager

“Vigilance has enabled us to tighten financial controls and streamline our accounts payable and payroll processes and given me greater confidence that payments are going to the right person. It has removed the need for line by line checks on bank accounts, mitigated significant fraud risk and highlights the areas of focus for financial risk management effort. I would recommend Vigilance to smaller organisations as they will benefit through significant reduction of risk from lack of separation of duties, while larger organisations have the advantage of having the ruler run over transactions too numerous to check individually.”

– Cameron Wansbrough, Company Accountant