To the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Have Vigilance focus on the details while you focus on the big picture

Vigilance is a SaaS solution that has been developed to enhance your existing payment approval processes. There is no need to change any of your accounting systems and there is minimal change to your existing approval process. Vigilance sits between your accounting systems and the bank so by simply dragging and dropping the batch payment file into Vigilance first, you can greatly enhance the approval workflow process and mitigate the risk of fraudulent payments.

Vigilance checks the proposed payments against your bank and other payment data and highlights any noteworthy and unusual payments in real time while most importantly catching errors and questionable transactions early in the approval process. An automated Audit and Risk Report is then generated monthly to confirm that your Accounts team are following proper procedures.

Vigilance can be implemented in under 1 hour and will save countless hours of lost operational and approval wait time while protecting the integrity of your role in the business.

No CFO wants fraud to occur on their watch. Contact us to learn more about why other CFO’s are adopting Vigilance as a solution.

“Vigilance provides our auditors and chairman with a higher level of comfort

– Steve Corbett, CFO ecentre Massey University Jan 2016-May 2016