Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A valuable tool to protect your team

As the CEO, your principal role is to create value for your shareholders. When it comes to your company’s cash, it’s important to know that you have measures in place to protect that value. Not all CEO’s have a strong accounting background but still need to know that their operational team have robust systems and procedures in place to protect the company’s cash. Today, more than ever before, there are internal and external threats continually attempting to steal from your organisation.

Often you are distanced from the day-to-day financial operations and must rely on trust that the information you receive is correct. You also have a duty of care to your staff that they have some financial health and safety measures in place to protect them. Equally, you have a responsibility to report to the company board and Vigilance can help remove the guesswork by arming you with an independent Audit and Risk Report that covers all transactions processed in a given period.

Today, data analysis is already used in so many aspects of daily business and it should be no different for the lifeblood of your business, the cash!

“When the board ask me to prepare a risk profile across the business it was a few simple clicks with Vigilance when it came to providing insights to our organisation’s transactional risk.  This answered many of their questions before the Board meeting and gave them peace of mind so we could focus on more strategic issues.”

– Dorian Scott, former CEO at ecentre