To the Board Members and Chair Person


A tool to support your duty of care

Today, Directors are held to account more than ever before about their “Duty of care” and responsibilities to ensure they are providing effective governance to the organisation they preside over. Good directors understand that identifying and managing risk is one of the key pillars to supporting the success of any organisation.  While it’s not the duty of the board to manage the day to day operational activities, it is their job to know that there are robust systems in place to ensure risk is mitigated and when it comes to the company’s cash, there is a direct responsibilty to the shareholders that such measures are in place.  When fraud is discovered, it’s often the board that is held to account for lack of governance and care for not considering the organisation’s risk appetite.

“The cost of a fraud related event causes loss of funds, loss of reputation and loss of morale. Vigilance offers real-time protection of such an event and its dire consequences”

– Dennis Parsons, Principal of Indepthforensic