To the Accounts Payable Team (AP’s)

We’ve got your back…

Everyone in the workplace understands health and safety but few think of applying the same methodology to the financial health and safety of organisations. A great deal of trust is bestowed on those in Accounts Payable roles and that is as it should be of all employee-employer relationships. However, what protection is in place for you when that trust is compromised?  With the increasing volume of payment fraud from external parties and potentially internally from co-workers, who’s got your back and how is your trust measured?

When developing Vigilance, we considered what improvements we could bring to each person’s role in the approval process chain. When it came to your role as Accounts Payable personnel, two things really stood out. One was that there is no real measure other than trust that you do your job with the highest integrity. And the second was around the frustration of having the approval of payments completed in a timely manner so you could complete your job.

Vigilance not only protects your integrity, it also streamlines the approval process to help ensure others in the approval chain don’t hold you up from doing your job efficiently.

With the rising tide of email scams, we’ve got your back when approving payments through Vigilance by ensuring these external threats are stopped.  Give us a call to discuss how we can protect your intergity and your career.

“When the Board ask me to prepare a risk profile across the business it was a few simple clicks with Vigilance when it came to providing insights to our organisation’s transactional risk.  This answered many of their questions before the Board meeting and gave them peace of mind so we could focus on more strategic issues.”

– Dorian Scott, former CEO at ecentre Business Incubator