How it works

Step 1 – The Old School Way

Accounts payable (AP) prints the proposed payments report from accounting system for approval by the Manager.

Step 1 – The Vigilance Way

Accounts payable (AP) uploads proposed payment file (Batch file) from accounting system to Vigilance for approval by the manager.


  1. Vigilance checks payments for errors
  2. Vigilance keeps full record of payment files

Step 2 – The Old School Way

AP Leaves report for Manager to review.

ISSUE: Manager is not available to approve

Step 2 – The Vigilance Way

Manager is alerted on mobile that proposed payments are ready for approval.


  1. Manager is available
  2. Vigilance analyses all transactions
  3. Process is fast, accurate and audited

Step 3 – The Old School Way

Manager reviews payments.


  1. It’s not humanly possible to check all payees’ bank account and payment data
  2. Manager has to check payments manually with limited time
  3. Process is not easily audited

Step 3 – The Vigilance Way

AP is alerted that payments have been approved and can now be sent directly to the bank from Vigilance.


  1. Payments are secure and can’t be tampered with
  2. Protects AP from any suspicions
  3. Protects everyone from external payment fraud attempts

Step 4 – The Old School Way

AP waits for Manager to complete review


  1. Process time length can be frustrating for AP
  2. Payments may be postponed until the following day

Step 4 – The Vigilance Way

There is no step 4!


  1. AP can be working on other revenue producing tasks

Step 5 – The Old School Way

Manager approves and only then does AP create the electronic payment file (Batch file) that will be sent to the bank for payments.


  1. The manager does not get to see or approve the electronic payments file (Batch file)
  2. Other payments can be added to the electronic version
  3. Payee bank accounts can be tampered with

Step 6 – The Old School Way

AP uploads electronic payment file (Batch file) to the bank.


  1. This file can be overwritten or destroyed
  2. Batch files sometimes exist on personal computers when processed outside the office

Final note listing risk with the old system

  1. Files are often destroyed so no records exist for future audits
  2. Can be difficult to pin down the approver when payments are to be approved
  3. Payment details can be changed after the paper report is approved and before or after the batch file is created
  4. Payment processes require parties to manually confirm they have completed their part of the process

The benefits of using Vigilance

  1. Vigilance checks payments for errors
  2. Vigilance keeps full record of payment files
  3. Manager is accessible when out of office
  4. Processing payments is faster, more accurate and auditable
  5. Payments are secure and can’t be tampered with
  6. Accounts staff’s integrity is protected
  7. Protects everyone from external payment fraud
  8. Accounts payable process is streamlined, freeing up time during their busy day