30 Day Trial

Thank you for choosing to trial Vigilance!

Complete and Submit the form below and a friendly representative will make contact within 1 business day to get you up and running.

What happens from here:

  • You will be setup with 1 User profile (with the information you provide in the form below.)
  • Once setup, you are then able to use Vigilance for FREE for 30 days or up to 10 batch uploads.
  • Upload, Review and Submit your batches providing visibility over account number checking, duplicate payments, missing payees, etc.
    • Due to only one user, when your batch is submitted, it is marked by the system as approved for the purposes of saving the results for building your AI.
    • All batches will remain in your Approved grid.
  •  After the Trial term, we will give you a call to discuss the risk profile as detected during your trial.
  • When you move from a trial to a subscription of Vigilance, all your batches and machine learning will be retained. A member of the Support team will simply transfer your current profile to your desired Subscription.